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Hilarious Design Fails

Friday, 21 November 2014

We know that art is subjective and we all interpret things differently. But sometimes you have to wonder how some designs managed to make it through an entire team of creatives, clients and producers. Why didn’t anyone notice the gigantic packaging design possessed, ahem, phallic qualities?

Ultimately it doesn’t matter, because design fails are always hilarious (except when they’re your own). Here are a few of our favourites.

We’re quite sure this wasn’t the intended headline.

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Tesco really ballsed this one up.

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Always ensure fonts don't unintentionally change the word.

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Always check how the product looks in the package. The same principle applies for the positioning of your artwork and legible headlines.

We think Berkhamsted were hoping their new map may attract new tourists.  

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Fails of such epic proportions seem blindingly obvious, but it seems it can happen to anyone. We’ll leave you with this piece of advice: always triple check your designs, or you might end up in an article like this one.

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