Brendan Keevers

General Manager/Head of Digital Performance

Leading Digital Performance in McCann for over 2 years, Brendan has now joined Smart to provide his knowledge on a broader scope. Brendan has worked in the industry from a ground-up background for over 15 years starting out in graphic design and signage where he learnt the art of communication to direct physical behaviours. Over time, he has transferred that knowledge through digital platforms with a firm ability in IT and how people interact with digital platforms in their everyday lives.

Brendan looks for efficiencies in digital interactions and communications in how organisations direct the flow of their users and also how the digital landscape facilitates this interaction. Technology today is being more integrated into common life where historically technology there was a clear input/output transaction, however, now more than ever, technology is working with us in an ongoing relationship and at a pace that is often faster than we can adopt it.

Where Brendan operates is within this landscape, using his vast knowledge of digital mediums and human interaction to provide sound direction and strategic advice to better these interactions and clarify the communication. This is the trend of large tech firms now looking to create digital solutions for physical problems, automation and also AI+Machine learning integration.

Over the course of his career, Brendan has worked within Digital, Strategy, Design and IT with a sole focus around eCommerce and information value-exchange with a strong focus on conversion optimisations and using digital mediums within marketing to achieve organisational goals.

Brendan has worked on brands such as University of Melbourne, NSW Government, Melbourne Airport, Wallace Bishop, Tradelink, HiSmile Teeth, Lahana Swim, Gold Coast City Council, Navitas, Widespan Sheds, The Mad Hueys, Morlife, Muscle Nation and many more.

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