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Pradella Property Ventures

Canopy Creative Development

They say that inspiration is all around you, and there are moments in life when you realise such clichés are absolutely true.

As we stood beneath a cover of towering trees at the site of Pradella Property Ventures’ newest residential development, inspiration was quite literally all around us.

Pradella Property Ventures commissioned SMART to develop a name, strategy and creative suite for their latest project, a collection of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and townhouses in the idyllic suburb of Bardon, just 5km from Brisbane city.

The name Canopy seemed obvious, and referenced not only its picturesque natural setting but also the privacy that the apartments would afford those who live there.

Inspired by the acres of surrounding bushland, natural colours and textures were used throughout the creative, in conjunction with highly emotive landscape photography to showcase Bardon’s idyllic setting and highly desirable work life balance.

SMART developed a creative direction and designed and produced a full suite of creative for the pre-launch and launch campaign that reflected the relaxed, ‘at peace’ feeling we all experienced when we first stepped foot on to the site.

Canopy at Bardon will launch on 19 July 2014.


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