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Every Dog Has Its Day

Mexi the SMART Dog

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The benefits of dogs in the workplace are well documented. Dogs can reduce stress, increase job satisfaction and improve communication among employees.

Here at SMART, we couldn’t agree more.

Meet Mexi.

Queensland Creative Director Phillippa’s miniature dachshund.

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Come on. Look at that face.

Mexi works part-time at SMART. She is pretty average at making coffee and answering the phones but her talents lie in other areas.

Account management

Dogs are natural liaisons. They build instant rapport and are also great at conflict resolution. It’s not so much schmoozing, and more oozing cuteness.

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It's a dog eat stick world. 


Nothing gets past a dog's nose, which makes them excellent strategists. If there's one thing our canine friends are good at, it's sniffing out insights mere humans cannot hear, see, or smell. Dogs never miss an opportunity to investigate, whether it be secret shopping or taste testing. 

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It's sniff or be sniffed.

Creative direction

A dog’s creativity knows no bounds. Shoes are food. Boxes are toys. The ground is a hole, if only it realised its potential. A dog in the workplace encourages you to think outside the box. Literally. Because the box has been destroyed.

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You see a box. I see possibility.


Let’s be honest, talent for shoots can be expensive. Fortunately, dogs don’t care much for dollar dollar bills, just pats and treats.

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