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Once you go Mac

Flashback Friday

Friday, 23 May 2014

Tensions were running high in the office this week. All of us are Mac users through and through, except for Tim C, who is a PC and Windows devotee. Logic aside, a few days ago, we were in the throes of a fierce Mac versus PC debate.

For this Flashback Friday we thought we would take a wider look (outside SMART) and revisit one of the advertising campaigns that began the Apple revolution. 

The Get a Mac campaign is arguably one of the world’s most iconic and memorable campaigns and it was a key ingredient in Apple’s incredible rise in popularity.

Back in 2006, Mac sales had plummeted. Apple discovered one of reasons consumers weren’t buying Macs was because they didn’t know much about them. How would you get a long time PC user to cross to the other side and buy a mysterious (yet oh so beautiful) Mac?

Apple and creative agency TBWA came up with a brilliant solution. Get a Mac played on the perceived weaknesses of Windows machines, and dialed up Macs’ strengths in a campaign that had strong messaging but also great entertainment value.

The campaign ran from 2006 to 2009 and was made in Apple’s signature minimalist style, with each TVC following the same format of two men representing a Mac and a PC.

The cheeky campaign added an emotive element to machinery, humanising the Apple brand. While PC struggled through his rather mundane, pessimistic life, Mac was effortlessly cool and fun, influencing consumers’ perceptions of the Apple and Windows machines.

Just one month after launch, Mac sales increased by 200,000. Six months later, sales had increased by 39%, and in 2007 the campaign received the Grand Effie Award. The clever TVCs and web episodes continued to run until early 2010.

We think that settles the argument. For now, at least.

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